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Happy Birthday Ideas

I just celebrated my birthday yesterday and I am just so happy. My friends and family were all loving and generous to send greetings and gifts. Oh how I love birthdays, especially being everybody's favorite for the entire week!

Anyway, I was so delightful that I wanted to be extra caring and sweet to my family and friends on their coming birthdays so I decided to make a list of any birthday idea in this post. Be it birthday greetings, messages, sayings, poems and quotes to send on email, SMS, facebook, twitter or on a handwritten birthday card maybe. How about some not too expensive yet too sweet birthday gift ideas? Or maybe a very nice birthday surprise or birthday treat? Also few of the best sites where birthday decoration ideas, birthday dinner ideas, birthday activities, birthday party ideas and anything about birthday are made available. It's all in the internet! You just have to be very patient in looking for something that suits your taste :p

Birthday Gift Ideas
For babies, since they can't play yet, usually babies' wear are given as gifts. One if the most practical is even giving diapers or milk supply for some days. (more Birthday Gift Ideas from Pinterest)
Best Top 3 Birthday Gift for Babies, Baby Boy and Baby Girl
1.Diaper Supply, nicely arranged as Diaper cake (image source)

2. Toiletries, Hygiene Stuffs for Baby (image source)

3. Clothing Gift Idea for Babies (image source) (pink for girls and blue for boys)

For kids, if it's not toys, kid's wear then surely these are educational stuffs. Just now a days, kids would mention gadgets for a birthday gift. Quite expensive, unless it's your own child or grandchild, you can't help but to give the kid's request!
Best Top 3 Birthday Gift for Kids
1. Toys ( Usually cars for boys and dolls for girls) (image source)

2. Another toy, but specifically Fun Educational toys (image source)

3. Gadgets for your favorite kid celebrant (image source)

For singles, you usually think of stuffs that are part of the birthday celebrant's hobby, interest or daily activity.
Best Top 3 Birthday Gifts for Adults, Single Ladies, Women
1. Any of these cosmetics (lipstick, makeup, blush on, eyebrow, face powder)

2. Blouse, Top, Dress , Funny Underwear

3. Funny Pillow for Singles, Boyfriend Pillow (source)
Best Top 3 Birthday Gifts for Adults, Single Men, Gentlemen, Guys
1. Cap

2. Basketball stuffs, Baseball stuffs, Football stuffs with signature of their favorite player

3. Watch

For married people, you don't really think of giving some cheesy or too sweet items and importantly, very expensive gifts, else the spouse would be very suspicious if you are just really friends right? So you can just give some simple stuffs or his or her interests, or if not- just to be fair with the partner, give something that can be used at home.
Best Top 3 Gifts for A Friend that is Married
1. Not too grand appliance, like coffee maker or family wall clock

2. Family Portrait of the celebrant (image source)

3. Ticket Treat for Dinner or Movie for the celebrant with the family (source)

Not just because they are getting older, they don't expect gifts anymore. Do you guys know that older people are more appreciative even on the most little stuffs they receive? So let's not ignore grandparent's birthday okay?
Best Top 3 Gifts for Old People, Gifts for Grandmother or Grandfather Gift Ideas
1. Purpose Driven Life book, or Inspirational books

2. Warmer, Sweater (something to comfort)

3. A Special Mug for elders

Birthday Dinner Ideas
A dinner on a restaurant would be so fine but if you have enough time, I guess a dinner at home is something cheap and creative too. You can decide for the food you wanna prepare and even the decoration ideas at home. (image source)

Birthday Card Ideas
Well, there are countless physical cards found in the card shops and department stores but you can also create a handmade birthday card making it more especially. Some people choose to send electronic birthday cards (birthday ecards).
Birthday ECards from Hallmark

Happy Birthday Cards on Pinterest

Online Birthday Ecard from BlueMountain

Birthday Quotes, Messages, Sayings, Poems, Greetings, Wishes, Text, SMS
Choosing the perfect birthday greeting for the perfect personality of the birthday celebrant. Browse now and see which would suit any close friend or family members.
Birthday Greetings from

Happy Birthday Wishes from

Birthday Wishes on Pinterest

Birthday Cake Ideas
Kids are not just for kids! Even adults love blowing the candles, trust me! They would sometimes pretend to feel awkward blowing but I'm so sure it's still the most awaited part. It's quite special if a cake is customized according to the celebrant's personality.  (image source)

Birthday Surprise or Treat Ideas
We have done this many times! Pretending to forget someone's birthday but actually, everyone is on their secret mission of preparing their designated assignments for a certain birthday party surprise. 100% of the celebrants cried upon knowing we were up to something, which was a birthday bash for them! Unexpected yet appreciated much.

Birthday Decoration Ideas
People are becoming more artistic and creative nowadays that any of these four are seen on birthday party venues.
Birthday Balloons

Birthday Flowers

Birthday Cupcakes (image source)
Birthday Ribbons (image source)

No matter how simple or grand a birthday celebration is, what's important is you were able to tell how special the birthday celebrant is. For love is not determined by the gifts given, but the love and care expressed! Happy Birthday to you, whoever you are celebrating today ;)

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